Homestay English Immersion Program

Rhode Island’s first cultural immersion and homestay combination program where international students can experience American culture and language.
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Online courses offering comprehensive curriculum to support students learning and skill development.

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Live webinars offering interactive and engaging learning experiences for students to enhance their skills.

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Supporting student’s professional growth and providing guidance for their career development.


Certification process to recognize student’s completion of the program and American culture/language experience.

About Us

The Homestay English Immersion Program (HEIP) is a program that was developed in 2017 to provide a vacation immersion experience for students looking to practice the English that they have worked so hard to learn in classroom and real-life environments. Students have the opportunity to learn language techniques, explore local establishments, and visit the world’s most prestigious schools to learn about American culture and lifestyle.

Our philosophy is based on a blended learning strategy developed by Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky who believe learning and language learning are acquired through interaction, experiences, and exposure to things that can be observed. As we expand upon the Homestay English Immersion Program, we plan to continue instilling this pedagogical practice into our learning environments. To better understand the background behind our learning environments, teaching practices, and our ideal student and teacher profiles, read more about the philosophy that keeps us moving onward and upward.

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Dive into a program created for the thinkers and doers of the next generation!

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Immersion into the nation’s top schools and workshops to help you succeed in admission processes.


A discovery program showcasing American businesses and culture related to your chosen career field.

School Year

Host Family year around program provides you with involvement in a local community.


Homestay English Immersion Summer Program 2024

Enrollment Open

Program Itinerary

  • Departure from Argentina – July 03 2024
  • Arrival in New York – July 04 2024
  • Arrival in Providence, Rhode Island – July 08 2024
  • Washington, DC – Weekend, July 14 – July 17 2024 (optional)
  • Check out returning to Argentina July 22 2024

Program Includes

  • Room and board (3 meals per day)
  • English Classes (9h per week)
  • Cultural immersion in the American daily life
  • Field trips to Brown University and Harvard University.

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Our Homestay

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