Secondary School Program

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student looking to apply to American schools? The HEIP College Programs provides an educational and immersive experience to show you schools in America and learn tactics to put your best foot forward when applying. With activities like tours and department exploration, you will get a first-hand look into some of the top schools on America’s East Coast.

Requirements For This Program

Info Sessions & Tours

Get To Know The Schools

As part of your journey in this program, you will have the opportunity to visit some of New England’s most prestigious universities. While at the universities, it’s important to understand how your interests translate into degree programs at different schools. At each of the five schools in our touring program, you’ll research programs of interest and then tour, immerse yourself, and discover your best options. Each session consists of a four-hour campus tour and admissions information, as well as three hours of experiential immersion within a specific department at each university.

Research Schools

Complete research on each university to further understand the undergraduate and/or graduate programs offered.

Attend Tours

Tour the facilities, learn about student life, and interact with other students via general and student-led tours.

Explore Programs

Immerse yourself in a department of your choice for a half day to explore the available resources, labs, and more.

Discover Options

Complete a career aptitude test designed to determine career options in testing skills, interests, and abilities.



Admission Readiness

Students will have a 4-hour workshop where they learn how to address your personal statement, transcripts, academic essay, TOEFL exam, and community service requirements.


Admission Advisory

Students will also receive a 4-hour one-on-one discussion session with an advisor on their own potential candidature for admissions in an American University. Students can ask questions and review their ideas and notes from the previous session.

Extra Activities

Rhode Island Tours

Discover beautiful Rhode Island through guided tours in Providence and other towns. As one of the original 13 colonies, this state is packed with historical and cultural sites. Participants will explore touristic and historical cities and towns such as Newport, Narraganset, Bristol, and Wickford all in the warm New England summer months.

Daily American Life

Understand the daily American routine through various activities throughout Cranston and Providence. These activities will be an exploratory view of the laundromat, post office, gas station, church, coffee shop, drugstore, and grocery store. In participating in these day-to-day activities with our instructors, you’ll have a true understanding of American life.

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