Payment Information

Stripe Information

We use a payment portal called Stripe to process all credit, debit, ACH, and wire transfer payments, except those from Brazil.

  • Stripe is an online payment gateway platform that allows businesses or individuals to accept payments in the form of debit/credit, wire transfers, ACH debits, Alipay, and WeChat Pay (beta).
  • They accept 135+ currencies and all major credit cards including JCB, Diner’s Club, 3D Secure, and UnionPay.
  • The transaction fee for the business or individual is 2.9% + 30cents (USD) per transaction. Any fees incurred from the bank for international transfers will be added to that fee.
    • i.e. the fee will only apply to the principal, not the principal + the transfer fees.
  • All payments accepted will be routed through the Stripe account owner’s Stripe dashboard where they can track all payments made. From there, the owner can transfer the payment to their own bank account or to others (additional setup required).


For payments on an installment plan, an individual will be billed an invoice from our connected system called Wave. They have the ability to pay online directly from the digital invoice sent or can contact us for wire transfers or ACH debits.

Payment & Installment Details

  • Credit, debit, ACH Debit, Wire Transfer, WeChat Pay (Hong Kong only)
    • NOTE: WeChat Pay is in beta at this time and we cannot guarantee the efficiency of it, though the security is confirmed by Stripe.
  • Your amount due can be paid in full or in installment plans as long as it is paid, in full, more than 30 days before arrival.
  • Installment plans:
    • Installment plans may be offered if the arrival date is 90 days or more from the time of application approval.
    • All cancellation fees noted above apply.
    • Installment plan will be broken out based on how many months or weeks from the 30 mark you begin.
      • e.g. If you start a payment plan 6 months from arrival, you will have 5 months to pay and therefore a maximum of 5 installments split evenly.
    • If an agreed upon installment is late by 1 or more days, a fee process will ensue until the balance is brought current.
    • If you know your payment will be late, please let us know ahead of time.

Fee Schedule for Late Payments

  • If a payment is 1-5 days late with no notice, you will incur a $25USD fee in addition to the amount due for that installment.
  • If payment is 6-10 days late with no notice, you will incur a $50USD fee in addition to the amount due for that installment.
  • If a payment is 11-15 days late with no notice: $75USD.
  • If 15+ days late: we will consider that your cancellation notice and will keep 100% of the balance paid to date.
  • If a payment is late with notice at least 3 days prior to payment, you will not incur a fee, but a promise to pay must be agreed upon. Should the promise to pay be broken, the fee schedule will follow that as seen above starting from the promise to pay date.

For Brazil groups:

We have recently formed a partnership with a company called Turiscam. They provide an exchange process that will allow groups to send their programs payments to us with low administrative fees. For more information about the company, you can visit their website and/or contact us at

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