HEIP Application

It is important that you read through our application agreement. This outlines the terms and conditions that must be followed throughout the program. If you have any questions, please reach out to the HEIP admin staff or your rep before completing your application. At the end of this application, there will be a line for you (and your parent/guardian, if applicable) to enter your full legal name(s). Once you agree to these terms, we will take that as your written understanding and acceptance through the life of your chosen program. You will have an opportunity to re-read this at the end of the application before submission as well. 

Agreement between Homestay Host & Student

It is our pleasure to host you in the United States and make your stay as enjoyable as possible while you study, and interact with Americans. This contract defines the terms of agreement between you, the home stay student, and your home stay hosts.

Please read this contract carefully. By electronically signing this contract, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. Please ensure you understand this document, and if necessary, seek out a translation service or assistance from others.

Obligations of the Homestay Host

By way of this contract, the home stay host agrees to:

  1. Welcome the home stay student as a member of the family.
  2. Invite the student on family outings (picnics, camping, travel, etc.).
  3. Provide clean, comfortable accommodations to the student.
  4. Provide furnished accommodation in a shared room.
  5. Provide adequate and nutritious food in the form of 3 meals/day Monday – Friday.
  6. Provide the student with a copy of the house rules.
  7. Provide easy access to a laundromat.
  8. Discuss this contract with Mónica Scarafía (Educational Coordinator in Argentina).
Obligations of the Homestay Student

By way of this contract, the homestay student agrees to:

  1. Abide by the laws of the United States and your home country.
  2. Respect the host, their family, and all property.
  3. Follow the house rules defined by the host.
  4. Have current and complete medical coverage (International Health Coverage) while in the U.S.
  5. Participate in activities and have fun with your hosts.
  6. Abide by the requirements of your coordinators and host.
  7. Inform the homestay host of any allergies, medication, and special needs.
  8. Provide complete contact information in the United States as well as in your home country.
  9. Pay the fees on time, as defined in this contract.
  10. Discuss this contract with the home stay host upon arrival.
House Rules
  1. Local calling is unlimited and provided to the student free of charge.
  2. Long distance calling is permitted only with calling cards purchased by the student. Any long-distance charges accrued will be charged back to the student’s family.
  3. The student will be present at normal meal times.
  4. Over-night guests are not allowed.
  5. Smoking is not permitted in the house.
  6. The casual consumption of alcohol is permitted only if the student is of legal drinking age (21). Drinking to excess may result in termination of contract.
  7. The homestay student must abide by all local laws and regulations.
  8. The possession and/or use of illicit drugs will not be tolerated and will result in termination of contract.
  9. The homestay student will keep the host informed and updated on all contact methods including parental phone/email and personal phone/email.
  10. The homestay student is responsible for any loss or damage caused to the homestay property.
  11. The student is expected to pay for all items not explicitly provided by the host and detailed in this contract (long distance calling cards, activity expenses, taxi, extra meals or snacks, school equipment, clothing, etc.)
  12. It is suggested that the student have a tourist medical insurance coverage. The homestay is not responsible for any expenses related to health needs.
  13. The homestay host is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items belonging to the student.
  14. Violation of any American laws will result in contract termination without refund.
  15. Breaking of any of these rules may result in contract termination without refund.
  16. Student must keep their room neat and tidy.


By entering my electronic signature below, I accept the obligations and agree to all of the house rules mentioned above. I agree to pay my fees on time, by the due dates of each installment period.

Do you have any other questions about our policies or payment information before you start?

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